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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
Letting Applicants Down Gently

“Thanks for your interest in company X. We’ve filled this position with a candidate whose profile better matched our criteria.”

That’s not the message job applicants want to receive, but it’s better than radio silence. Unfortunately, radio silence is all that many applicant tracking solutions allow for.

Before passing judgement on the Human Resources professionals whose task this is, consider: like so many other people, they balance a full slate of day-to-day responsibilities, which includes both the planned and the unexpected.

“I didn’t have the ability to notify everybody who applied unsuccessfully for jobs,” Michelle Robertson says. Union requirements do oblige the human resources associate to reach out to union members, but she and her colleagues at Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario healthcare facility Bluewater Health have always wanted to extend this courtesy to external applicants too. “It was too time-consuming a task to be feasible,” she says.

Now Robertson can send messages to all candidates for a given position, thanks to the message templates in Njoyn, her applicant tracking solution. Different templates for internal and external applicants aren’t a problem, either. Robertson ensures they all get email notifications that she can configure and send in less than five minutes. She’s glad she can boost the customer service Bluewater Health gives all applicants.

Applicants can opt out of email notifications, since Njoyn is fully compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Those candidates probably refer to their Njoyn dashboards to see if a position has been filled. Regardless of how they find out, “People aren’t calling me as much to ask whether a job is filled,” Robertson says.


This is part 6 of our 7 part in depth and expanded case study of how Njoyn integrates and provides solutions for Bluewater Health. Check out our previous blog: Can This Person Apply for the Job to read part 5. If your ready to read on, click here for the final part: Giving Applicants the Good News (Offer Letters), and if you would like to learn more about Njoyn you can contact us here.