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5 Recruitment Challenges Public Organizations Struggle With

Recruitment challenges vary depending on the type of business that you recruit in. If you had to name one thing as your biggest hiring headache, it probably would be different if you worked in retail versus government or healthcare. Your answers would also vary depending on a variety of factors including the size of the company you work with or the type of roles you are hiring. So what are some common recruitment challenges public organizations struggle with? Below are 5 common challenges and how Njoyn helps these organizations solve them.

1) Hiring the best talent

Hiring the best talent is not always an option in public service organizations. Recruiters and hiring managers are often tied to policies and union collective agreements that control the process. For example, many organizations need to review candidates by union, seniority and sometimes eligibility status prior to looking at other candidates. Njoyn makes the process more efficient by allowing users to screen, sort and review these priority applicants by these recruitment requirements prior to looking at other candidates.

2) Lack of understanding of what the hiring manager actually needs

Recruiters, managers, and other team members need to communicate fast. Many public service organizations have decentralized recruitment processes and communicating with the hiring team can be difficult. Recruiters are required to coordinate communications with these different stakeholders and it is not always an easy task.

Njoyn fixes these issues by providing easy to use recruitment tools and processes. The workflow within Njoyn eliminates the need for communication outside of the tool via email or phone that breaks the recruitment process and affects recruitment metrics. The tool is easy to use for managers with “common sense” navigation and helps facilitate the processes in the application, eliminating tedious calls, emails, and texts. With Njoyn, the whole hiring team benefits from having a recruitment management solution.

3) Antiquated Recruitment Process

Recruiting is not the same as it was a few years ago. Just consider how social recruitment has changed or how organizations have moved away from job boards. Companies are aggressively competing with each other to attract the best candidates. Winning that candidate typically requires using technology to hire smarter and faster. Njoyn supports this by allowing the interactions from all stakeholders to be simple and efficient. Smart screening techniques, adding data from other systems, and easy communication allows recruitment teams to be agile and ensure processes don’t break down. Many public service organizations have multiple manual processes that need to be completed by different members. Njoyn can help automate processes like interview management, screening and reviewing, offer management, and onboarding tasks.

4) Measuring Success

How can public service organizations measure their success if there are manual processes that occur outside the application? The answer is they cannot. To measure recruitment success requires a good process that in turn provides good metrics for reporting. Public service organizations want to know, how long did the hiring process take? Where did the issues exist in the hiring process that caused delays? By utilizing Njoyn, public organizations can make the process easy for “all” stakeholders and the result is keeping all the users in the application and providing the best and most accurate reporting and metrics.

5) Optimizing the Hiring Process

Optimizing the hiring process requires clear and transparent documentation. Many organizations struggle with this. Njoyn enables you to optimize the process with features that allow you to send out a survey or request feedback from all parties involved in the hiring process. These tools allow you to efficiently capture feedback and improve your hiring decisions. Approval requests and employment contracts are approved in Njoyn, where they are kept for future reference. All candidate documents and all emails to the candidates are also kept within the system. In unionized public service organizations, if an employee files a grievance, having all key documentation and emails will help defend the organization.

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