Make the hiring manager’s job easier

  • Enable hiring managers to provide complete information using a questionnaire that covers all the bases.
  • Automatically add available interview times.
  • Speed up communications between recruiters and hiring managers by minimizing the need for calls, texts and email.

Track applicants

  • Ensure sorting, screening and review of priority applicants prior to posting new jobs.
  • Post a job to multiple locations in both English and French – all from the same posting.
  • Post to a wide variety of job boards to increase diversity in the workforce.
  • Send easy-to-complete pre-screening surveys to candidates.

Onboard new hires

  • Perform professional-level background checks.
  • Eliminate bias from hiring panels.
  • Have Njoyn handle approval chains automatically – no human intervention required.
  • Enable discussion of pending applications within Njoyn.
  • Preboard successful candidates to keep them engaged in the period between acceptance of the job offer and their first day on the job.
  • Survey successful candidates, hiring managers and other stakeholders once the hiring process is complete.

Continuous improvement

Use Njoyn’s reporting and analytics to continuously improve the hiring process.