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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
Njoyn’s New Interview Scheduling Module

Scheduling an Njoyn interview involving more than one company staff member or more than one candidate has never been easier!

The new Njoyn check availability feature enhances the base Njoyn interview scheduler workflow and allows for intelligent interview scheduling within Njoyn based on actual individual company staff member availability within a Microsoft Outlook calendar environment. Support for other calendar environments may be considered on a per project basis.

See below as we walk you through the process in just a few quick steps:

  1. In the initial setup screen, the recruiter is prompted to enter mandatory interview information such as participating staff members and a proposed interview date. Should the recruiter wish to see the availability of  his / her team members who are set to participate in the interview , all that needs to be done is to click on the Njoyn check availability link – This launches the new Njoyn Scheduler Assistant Screen as a pop-up within the Njoyn Interview Setup module.
  2. From within the Scheduler Assistant, the Njoyn recruiter  will see the real time availability of the staff members who are identified as participating in the interview for the proposed interview date . The recruiter can then decide on whether to keep the date or to change it.
  3. Should the recruiter wish to send a single invite to several candidates, multiple dates can be selected in the above manner. The invite will go out to all specified candidates and a pool of dates will be offered.
  4. Each  candidate will receive the interview invite and from their Njoyn candidate screen be able to select a convenient date from the pool of offered dates.
  5. Once a candidate confirms the interview by selecting a date, the selected date will be removed from the offered pool of dates for the other candidates.
  6. The  recruiter Njoyn interview calendar graphically displays all candidate confirmed interviews for a given job, and will automatically update every time a candidate confirms.
  7. In this manner the Njoyn Interview Setup module not only enables the recruiter to handle multiple candidates on a given job with a single invite , but also empowers the recruiter to efficiently select dates that ensure the availability of all participating staff members.
Check availability pop-up launched from within the Njoyn interview scheduling module

Interview setup wizard

Graphical view of company staff member availability

company staff member availability

Key Characteristics of Njoyn’s interview scheduling module
  • The Scheduler Assistant Screen pop-up can access a maximum of 24 hours of information at a time
  • The Scheduler currently works with Exchange Server 2010 and above
  • Support for other calendar (non-Outlook) environments may be considered on a per project basis

Interview check availability feature

Scheduled interviews for a given job are graphically displayed on the Njoyn interview calendar.

Njoyn Calendar