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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
Challenges The City of St. Albert Faced Before Implementing an Applicant Tracking System

As Northern Alberta has grown more populous, so has the City of St. Albert. Founded in 1861 just northwest of the provincial capital, Edmonton, over 60,000 people now call St. Albert home.

Serving its residents entails keeping municipal organizations fully staffed with the best people the city can find. That’s why St. Albert decided to use a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Before the City of St. Albert came to the conclusion that they required an ATS, the City recruitment coordinator, Diana Rankin explained some of the challenges they were facing in their recruitment process:

  • Sending requests to recruit included using a nondescript form that looked identical for every department in the city.
  • The requests were going to various departments, that were in different buildings for approval and signatures via courier.
  • Recruiters were handling over 300 applications and tracking them on Excel spreadsheets.

In addition to these challenges, the HR department was often overwhelmed, which resulted in the delay of hiring and filling positions.

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