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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
The Benefits of Working with a Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System

It is important to acknowledge that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS can do more that pre-screen applicants, and file through resumes. Though that is the main bulk of the work, an ATS does much more as you look at it in depth.  Some of the additional benefits include working on a system that is available from the Cloud, which means that it is available anywhere, at any time. This also means you don’t have to use your email to track your applicants because the system will do it for you.


Tracking Applicant Communications

Few people escape the tyranny of having to search for messages they’ve sent, or that they’ve been told they received. Human resources professionals are no exception. Many make the mistake of turning their inboxes into part of their applicant tracking systems.

Compounding the problem, some organizations oblige workers to keep their email files below a certain size limit so as to not overrun their email servers.

The City of St.Albert understands this. Sometimes their mailboxes can get so large, they occasionally purge it of older messages.

Fortunately, when it comes to communications between people who apply for jobs with the city and the HR department, which handles these communications, no one is required to keep those emails in their personal inbox. A log is kept of exactly what was sent to them, noting that the communications log is tied to the job (and the candidate). Anything that is emailed that is tied to the job is there, including emails sent to the numerous applicants.

Applicants can also maintain records in their profiles. When they need to, candidates can upload documents – as many as they need, in a variety of formats – to Njoyn, using it not just to store their profile, but as many resumes, certificates, and other relevant documents they may reuse during an application process. Njoyn saves them from the time-wasting tedium of uploading (and re-uploading) the same documents time and again.


Remote access: working wherever you go

HR professionals often need to physically be in the office to get work done. It’s a physical place that houses all parts of their hiring management systems, all their records, both electronic and paper.

The office isn’t always a convenient place to work, though. Recruitment coordinator Diana Rankin’s 15-minute drive on country roads can be treacherous in bad weather, which isn’t uncommon during harsh northern Alberta winters. She would prefer to wait out rough storms while still getting work done from home for the City.

Fortunately, today’s hosted recruitment solutions and paperless workflows let recruiters work wherever they can find an Internet connection.

Applicant tracking system Njoyn has fully embraced this trend: Njoyn is 100 per cent web-based. Aside from the convenience, data resides on secure servers and not on the computers used to view it. Security, flexibility and convenience add up to uninterrupted productivity for recruiters, wherever they are.

To read more about how the City of St. Albert has made use of Njoyn’s Applicant Tracking System, please click here to see the case study.