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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
It Takes Many Partners to Create the Ultimate Applicant Tracking System

Think, for a moment, about the many ways automation has entered people’s personal lives. Adaptive cruise control, for instance, keeps cars at a safe following distance on the highway without drivers touching their pedals. Add technologies like lane keep assist and the driving experience becomes even safer. It should be noted that all these functions can be accessed and controlled from within your car’s central dashboard.

The great thing about automation is that it is forever evolving. For years it’s been helping businesses with marketing and sales efforts. Now it’s making its way into recruiting!

Automation and the applicant tracking system

Think of the ways automation can lighten a hiring professional’s workload.

What if value-added integrations could empower Njoyn recruiters with the following?

  • Comprehensive and rapid candidate background checks  
  • Detailed candidate psychometric and inclusion assessments
  • Video screening interviews  
  • Personalized candidate experience through advanced artificial intelligence based chat technology
  • Advanced candidate relationship management (CRM) tools
  • SMS based communication with hiring managers and candidates
  • Drill down dashboard based HR data visualization
  • Njoyn interview calendar synchronization with Outlook  

Most importantly: what if all these solutions were available within the standard Njoyn workflow?

Njoyn’s Vision for recruiter empowerment

Njoyn recruiters should be empowered by having access to the industry’s best of breed HR tools. More importantly, these tools should be accessible from within Njoyn.

The Njoyn team has been hard at work combining in-house development with value added integrations to empower recruiters with the strongest set of Njoyn functionality ever.

Rather than trying to do everything in-house, we have been selectively building partnerships with innovative HR software developers and then integrating these partners into the Njoyn workflow.

We’ve already included some partner tools within the Njoyn interface and we’re continually working to add more.

We’re doing this to make Njoyn the most robust and feature rich applicant tracking system on the market.

New partners include:

Verified First make companies great by giving employers confidence in their hiring decisions. Verified First provides custom screening solutions while maintaining FCRA compliance and providing world-class customer service.

Certn was founded with the goal of building a platform that enhances how companies evaluate people by providing faster, more accurate background check data. With Certn, recruiters will have the choice of executing either a Softcheck or a full traditional background check.

A Softcheck background check uses advanced artificial intelligence to ensure that recruiters collect and attribute candidate risk relevant data with 99% accuracy.

It is a is a real-time public information search that searches over 110,000 databases from over 240 countries looking for criminal records, court decisions, negative press, social profiles, public biographies, past employment and more.

Softcheck provides a rapid 5 second response time and does not need candidate consent. It may be run at the head-end of the recruitment process prior to spending valuable hiring manager interview time with short listed candidates.

The McQuaig Institute helps organizations refine corporate culture and grow human capital. Using a suite of scientifically validated assessment tools, we empower organizations to make better hires, retain top talent, develop leaders, improve employee engagement, and reduce their cost-per-hire.

VidCruiter offers the industry-leading video recruiting platform enabling you to identify, filter and acquire talent faster while saving you time and money. VidCruiter’s recruiting software is taking digital recruiting to the next level. This technology helps organizations around the world dramatically improve their recruiting processes.

Every moment, the volume and the value of your organization’s data is growing. iDashboards lets you take control, and take action. Transform your data into interactive, custom dashboards that are secure, informative, and engaging. Save time and resources by combining data from spreadsheets, databases and web APIs into an automated dashboard that everyone can understand (especially non-data people).

With over 90 years of experience, Mintz Global Screening Inc. is recognized as the most trusted and leading Canadian provider of background screening solutions. Customers rely on our professional teams to provide them with vital information to make informed business decisions on a candidate’s suitability or risk level. Our bilingual specialists are highly trained and adept at finding the information necessary to manage your risks and avoid losses. You can count on our consultative approach for a solution tailored to your business needs.

Other partnerships are in the works!

Njoyn is continually building new partnership integrations into the core Njoyn solution. 

For an up to date list please visit our new partner’s page at :

If you feel  a particular recruitment tool is missing from our list, give us a call and tell us about it.

We’ll take note, and keep you in the loop when that application joins the Njoyn family either through in-house development or through value-added partner integration.