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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
The New Njoyn – Five New Features You Need To Know About

At Njoyn, we’ve been hard at work lightening our customers’ workloads. Last fall, we began introducing API-enabled connections to other market-leading tools used by Human Resources professionals.

Now, we’re ready to unveil our overhaul of Njoyn. Each improvement contributes to recruiter efficiency and effectiveness. Judge for yourself: here’s what you can expect from the next generation of Njoyn.

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Multiple Job Postings in One

Many Canadian organizations operate locations in both English and French-speaking areas of the country. They may post one position that’s open in several locations and to people who speak both official languages.

When recruiting, this situation once called for one post per location – two if the location sought both anglophones and francophones – even if the postings were for the exact same job.

Now, one Njoyn posting accommodates both English and French job descriptions for multiple locations. One job. In many places. Using both English and French. In one single post. Recruiters will never again copy and paste as much as they once did.

Sequential Approval Chains

Many popular expense reporting systems forward expense reports to approvers once a report is submitted. If there’s more than one approver for a report, the system automatically forwards the report to each approver in a predetermined sequence – no human intervention required.

At Njoyn, we took a page out of this playbook, only instead of expense reports, Njoyn handles hiring requests. All approval information stays within Njoyn as it travels from one approver to the next. None of it leaks into email. All of it appears in reports. And recruiters may never need to follow up with approvers again.

Pending Negotiations

Somebody on the hiring team – hiring manager, recruiter, other colleagues – recognizes a standout in the candidate pool.

There’s just one problem: the candidate wants a salary that’s outside the posted job’s salary band. Or the candidate wants more vacation time. Or certain perks that aren’t ordinarily made available.

But you know this candidate will prove a fantastic colleague and create value for the organization. In the past, you would have negotiated this person’s hire via email discussions, in-person meetings and conference calls. These tasks were time-consuming and could not be scrutinized in reports.

Now, Njoyn offers Pending Negotiations. Hiring managers and recruiters make their case directly within Njoyn for desirable candidates. Everybody in the approval chain can review this case. This review may be all it takes to convince your colleagues to hire a star candidate.

You save time. You reduce red tape. Negotiations stay within Njoyn so you can view them in reports. And you improve your organization faster than ever.

Robust Reporting

The features mentioned above help prevent “leakage” of hiring information to other forms of communications, like email, text messaging, phone calls and in-person meetings. That leakage once meant recruiters could not build a comprehensive hiring picture using their recruitment solution’s reporting tool. Since Njoyn is now easier to use, more information can appear in your reports.

Better reports mean better business decisions. And that’s just good business.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Our customers increasingly work using mobile devices. That’s why we used responsive design principles when we developed Njoyn’s new interface. Njoyn automatically tailors the information you see to fit the size of your device’s screen. Responsive design reduces the amount of side-to-side scrolling you need to do, places menus in familiar places and otherwise enables work on the go.

The interface really stands out in Card View. Candidate overviews appear in a card designed to be viewed on a mobile device screen. (This happens whether you use your computer or mobile device.) Just tap (or click) elements in the card to see more information about the thing you tapped (or clicked).

New Dashboards

Did we say we’d offer five new features? Well, let’s bring in another two: new dashboards for hiring managers and recruiters. In both cases, dashboards are tailored to the amount of information and number of tasks both parties need to perform. And both dashboards bring newer, more efficient and attractive tools to the parties who need them most.

Njoyn now enables a more productive hiring process than ever before. Take a deeper dive into Njoyn’s features. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration.