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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
A recruitment system for international organizations

The National Gallery of Canada is a Canadian crown corporation. It has its own branded website and it publishes all text-based materials (online and in print) in both English and French, Canada’s two official languages. The need to include both official languages at all stages of the hiring processes is a peculiar challenge faced by the Gallery. To best address this challenge, the Gallery utilizes Njoyn’s cloud recruitment tool.

Branded recruitment tool

Building a sophisticated careers section on a website involves creating both technology links and matching the site’s branding.

Njoyn takes care of both. Even though Njoyn hosts the recruitment solution in the cloud separately from the Gallery’s other digital assets, all links across the site work flawlessly. And the careers site preserves the Gallery’s branding, regardless of the url. The Gallery saved time and money using Njoyn to build the careers section of its site thanks to Njoyn’s status as a pre-built, class-leading recruitment system and Njoyn’s expertise in having the recruitment pages match the brand of the rest of the Gallery’s website.

Working in multiple languages

Njoyn is built to accommodate more than one language, so it makes meeting the bilingualism requirement straightforward while reducing the costs of bilingual publication.

People from across Canada use Njoyn every day, so in addition to providing a bilingual interface, Njoyn’s Technical Assistance Centre experts offers support in both English and French. That support is available to both candidates who use Njoyn to apply for jobs and the recruiters who offer those jobs.


Employers looking for new recruits often advertise in several different places. These include:
– Internal website
– External job boards
– Social media sites

Posting to each place individually can become tedious. Yet some hosted recruitment systems oblige recruiters to post to each site one by one. Or maybe they don’t allow for distinct start and end dates for the postings. Hiring management systems that can offer these features significantly reduce a recruiter’s workload.

The cloud recruitment solution Njoyn was designed to handle these mundane tasks. “I can broadcast to other websites easily if I need to,” says Bernardo Gallo, a human resources advisor for The National Gallery of Canada, an Njoyn customer.

By sending a job posting to multiple job boards at once, recruiters can advertise the job much faster than if they need to post to each board separately. The start date and end date of postings can also be set for each destination.

“Once the posting is created, you can post to 30-40 websites using just a couple of clicks,” Gallo notes.

Which job boards are most effective?

Recruiters want to know which boards “send” the greatest number of qualified candidates. With that knowledge, they can improve the use of their job posting budgets.

“Let’s say you advertise a job posting on your intranet, on your website, and on Facebook and maybe Monster,” says Bernardo Gallo of a tactic commonly used by recruiters to find the best candidates. “Njoyn tells you where an applicant saw the ad.”

This feature of Njoyn, the applicant tracking system used by the National Gallery of Canada, gives far more accurate “source” information than the alternatives. If applicants, for instance, are made to provide this data, they may not always choose the right site. Njoyn takes the human element out of this data gathering task.

“Njoyn records the source. If they see a posting on Facebook, we know they came from Facebook,” Gallo explains. “If it’s picked up by the website, you know it’s accurate.”

Njoyn meets the sophisticated recruitment needs of the world’s largest organizations. It does this in part by impressing everybody who uses it, from hiring managers to candidates to human resources professionals. Read more about how the National Gallery utilized the platform to enhance their hiring process in their associated case study.