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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
Campaigner, Email Campaigns to Candidates using a Powerful New Tool within Njoyn

The CGI Njoyn product utilizes a tool called Campaigner that allows us to target specific candidates in a client’s database and send them an email campaign with great success. See the below.

For example;

Use Case 1: A client is looking for a certain type of candidate in their database in close proximity to their local office. The candidates should have certain skill sets. The client provides us the skill sets or key words to look for, and the postal code of their office and we run the query. The results are 3,500 candidates that meet their criteria. The client gives us the ok and we email all 3,500 candidates with a templated letter from the client regarding a specific job. We include a link to the job encouraging the candidate to apply. We mark the source for that email campaign for later reporting. We provide the client metrics from the email campaign. The client gets a great response from their existing candidates to a hot job they are trying to fill. Regular campaigns engage different candidates in their database keeping these candidates interested in the client and encouraging them to regularly look for jobs on the client’s site.
Four campaigns for $350, plus applicable taxes.

Use Case 2: A client identified a shorter list of candidates with similar skill sets like 50 or so candidates but wishes to send them a survey and have the ability to score results. We do the email campaign to the candidates advising them they have been short-listed and for them to complete the survey by clicking the provided link. The results are in and the client can now sort the best candidate scores to the top. Easy streamlining of the best candidates!
Four campaigns for $350, plus applicable taxes.

Use Case 3: A client just converted to Njoyn and wants to reach out to their previous candidates – all we need is the candidate’s first name, last name and email address and we can complete an email campaign for them reaching out to these candidates and inviting them to come to the new site and look for a job and create a profile or update their profile. Combine this with options one or two above.
Four campaigns for $350, plus applicable taxes

Use Case 4: Client wants to build up their internal “Grouping” or “Pipelining” feature that we have in Njoyn. Using the same process as in option 1, we can identify candidates with specific skill sets like Project Management, Nursing, Angular development; the possibilities are endless. We then run the query and populate predetermined groups for the client. Done! When jobs become available, they can use these groups in their filters and also do email campaigns like option 1.
Seven Queries for $350. No email campaigns.

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