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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
Is It Time to Put Your Hiring Practices on the Chopping Block?

A new global survey reveals that CEOs view attracting and retaining talent as their top internal concern for 2019 and developing the next generation of talent for leadership roles the third (The Conference Board, 2019).

Why is hiring talent so important? For one thing, the right talent remains critical to organizational success, so much so that according to PwC’s 2017 CEO survey, CEOs view the unavailability of talent and skills as the largest threat to their business. For another matter, hiring is expensive. According to one study, employers spend $4,129 per hire in the United States. It may take money to make money, but is all the money we’re spending on hiring giving us the talent we need?

Two Problems With Current Hiring Practices

The first major problem seen with current hiring practices is that organizations don’t have a clear picture of their existing hiring practices’ success. The methods for finding and placing talent are too often a clouded compilation of slow internal processes, limited recruitment channels, misaligned hiring practices, differing approaches among hiring managers, and varying timelines.

Organizations also often miss opportunities for data-driven insights into outcomes. Institutions tend to stop investigating the ROI of their hiring practices at the point of vacancy-fulfillment and don’t track metrics that could help evaluate their efficacy.

A second major problem is the over-reliance on experience and qualifications. Imagine that you need an amazing leader and people manager, and a rock-star at operations, people support, client support, and interpersonal relations. Most job postings would mistakenly reduce these competencies to easy-to-measure metrics like years of experience which is less than ideal for finding the best candidate.


So what can you do to help improve these hiring practices? Consider a Recruitment Management System (RMS) or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Njoyn for your organization. Recruitment solutions such as Njoyn enable your hiring teams to succeed in hiring the best candidates for every position allowing for enhanced collaboration and the ability to track and measure everything throughout the entire process utilizing all-in-one dashboards.

Whether you are evaluating candidates, or rethinking your company’s hiring practices, you have a very important part to play. The biggest impact you can have on improving your recruitment processes is by implementing a solution like Njoyn. Shorten the time in takes to find the right candidate, get all of the information you need all in one place and start making the best recruitment decisions for your business today.

Interested in learning more about Njoyn? Request a demo or visit our recruitment management solution page to see all the exciting new Njoyn features that have recently been released.