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‘People Enablement’ Is the Human-Resources Trend You Can’t Ignore

Stop viewing HR reps as administrative and give them a seat at the board.

It seems unfortunate that human resources, one of the most vital functions of an organization, frequently suffers from a bad reputation. Employees usually know little about what their HR contacts do beyond payroll and contracts, while C-Suite execs tend to leave them on the sidelines of visionary decision-making.

But if there’s truth behind the common call to “grow your people, grow your business”, shouldn’t HR be the most important department in a company? It’s time to stop viewing HR reps as purely administrative and give them a seat at the board by adopting the principle of “people enablement.” At its essence, people enablement is a more holistic approach towards individual development, and it encompasses the technology, processes and content empowering employees and teams to develop and improve faster. Through this emerging trend, companies can start to empower their workers to acquire valuable experiences, explore new roles and continually reinvent themselves, and here’s a brief guide to help get you started.

Change C-Suite Perceptions of HR

While it’s true that in the past HR may have been primarily administrative, these days the world of work is facing so many changes that it’s best placed to help companies navigate them, ensuring they can retain and attract talent in a world where a global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people is predicted by 2030. In this environment, employees will need to have the ability to regularly update their skills, and in order for HR to successfully adopt this trend, changes need to start at the top. To start with, CEOs themselves need to believe in a people-first approach. There are companies that have started embracing this (such as Vayner Media or Atlassian), and more will follow as they observe the positive benefits, including a more engaged workforce and higher productivity. At that point, HR should be empowered to make the decisions they need to best support the workforce. This could be anything from selecting technologies that support process or creating new processes to developing training schemes for managers and new recruitment strategies.

How Can an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Recruitment Management Solution (RMS) Help With This?

Implementing an ATS or RMS like Njoyn within your HR Department can do just that “enable people” within your organization. With features around enhanced collaboration and all-in-one dashboards, Njoyn puts time back in HR teams schedules that can be utilized for other important tasks and responsibilities. It shortens the time needed to find the best and most suitable candidates, simplifies approval chains, and allows for robust reporting, giving your team all the tools needed to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a demo.