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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
Get continuous improvement with 360-degree process reviews

Your candidate interviewing process needs a 360-degree review. Your hiring managers may be asking for it, or you may want to implement it as part of continuous improvement.

Either way, enlist your hiring managers in the effort. Each time your organization hires somebody, ask managers involved about the process.

Seriously. Have everybody involved tell you how it went. They would know.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to use some third-party survey tool, because there is a candidate evaluation tool built right into Njoyn. That means complete integration with your applicant tracking system

Just send surveys to get feedback from internal staff on a candidate, and add a few questions to the end about the hiring process itself.

Interview Survey Feedback Interface

Interview Survey Feedback Interface

Survey interviewers about the candidate and the interview process

You already have candidate interview feedback questions. (If you don’t, check out Njoyn’s suggestions for tips.) All you need to do is add a second set of questions to the survey. You may want to ask interviewers:

  • for an overall impression of the process
  • what worked well
  • what, if anything, did not work
  • if there were any inconveniences
  • what could be done differently, and how

A convenient feedback tool

This second set of questions doesn’t have to add much to the process. On one hand, people who thought everything went fine might send a few words, or leave these optional fields empty. On the other hand, people who had issues have a forum to let you know what could be improved.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Use the same techniques to design process questions as you do for candidate feedback. Use numerical choices involving quick clicks to keep the time commitment reasonable. Offer text boxes for optional comments. And when surveys come back, put these answers in their own repository.

Don’t’ stop improving

Organizations that strive for continuous process improvement start by talking to people who participate in those processes.

Ask hiring managers about the challenges they face. After all, they evaluate more than just the candidates they interview. Seize the opportunity to gain the insight afforded by a 360-degree view.


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