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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
The Interview Scheduler: An Integral Part of A Class-Leading Recruiting System

Many interview booking processes involve information kept in multiple systems, including but not limited to:

  • email
  • calendars
  • spreadsheets
  • filing cabinets
  • an applicant tracking system

With information in so many silos, recruiters need to spend time manually duplicating information in each one. The more they handle this information, the higher the probability of human error. To make things worse, if certain information resides in a place that’s accessible to one recruiter but not to colleagues, the colleagues don’t have complete information.

Interview scheduling is a prime example. For instance, assume one recruiter helps a candidate reschedule an interview via email, then updates a relevant spreadsheet on a network drive. Should the email not go to a shared folder or the spreadsheet be locked (to prevent file-saving conflicts) at the moment a colleague needs it to deal with the same candidate, scheduling issues can result.

An end to applicant tracking silos

How can recruiters prevent such issues? By keeping all recruiting information in just one place. An applicant tracking system like Njoyn  is designed to prevent these types of issues.

Consider the interview scheduling issue outlined above and how it can be handled using Njoyn:

  • Recruiters can offer set dates and times to candidates.
  • Candidates can choose the interview times they want, and change them if necessary.
  • The system handles scheduling and prevents conflicts without human intervention.
  • The system can generate emails to keep all parties informed of interview dates and times, reducing (often eliminating) the email burden during the recruiting process.
  • The system can keep records of all relevant emails.

When recruiters use an interview scheduler as part of their candidate tracking system, they reduce their workload and prevent mistakes. It’s time for the silos to be torn down.